Dress Code

Students must respect the dress code as approved by the Governing Board. All members of the school community will dress in a neat, clean and appropriate fashion.

Students should abide by the following rules:

    • School-appropriate shoes must be worn at all times (no open-toed sandals, flip flops or high-heeled shoes)

    • Sleeveless clothing must be 2 finger widths wide

    • Transparent clothing (mesh, lace, etc.) and low-cut tops/crop-tops are not permitted

    • When wearing leggings, the top must reach at least mid-thigh or longer

    • No profanity or inappropriate slogans are permitted

    • Appropriate length of shorts or skirts (width of a hand above the knee).

    • No torn clothing

Physical Education:

    • Athletic attire (shorts, track pants, jogging pants)

    • Short-sleeved t-shirt (no collars)

    • Athletic running shoes (No platform shoes or skater shoes)

Kindergarten and Cycle 1 students WILL NOT be permitted to change into their Physical Education clothes. Physical education clothes MUST be worn under their school clothes.

ALL students are required to tie their hair back and remove jewelry. The students should not wear jewelry to school on Phys. Ed. days.

Every Friday the students are allowed to wear their house colours.