Pinewood adopted a House system would help promote school spirit, bring a closeness to the two campuses, and to provide students with a feeling of belonging from Kindergarten right through to Grade six! There are four Houses, each with a colour, as well as a name and crest. These were created by the students themselves! All students can earn House points throughout the term, leading to a term House Reward. You can see all of this at the entrance to the school and keep track of the progress for each House! Every student is assigned to a House, siblings are assigned to the same House, and they stay in that House from Kindergarten right through to grade six. Your child can wear their House T-shirt every Friday, and at every special in-school activity.

The 4 Houses are:

Icebergs (Blue)

Chipmunks (Red)

Adventurers (Yellow)

North Stars (Green)

Together Creating the Acronym I-CAN

#1: Respect Video

House Video 1.mp4

#2: Cooperation Video

House Video 2 Cooperation.mp4

#3: Consistent effort & Positive Attitude

Effort and Positive Attitude (5).mp4

#4: Politness

House video Politeness.mp4

#5: Responsibility

House video Responsibility.mp4