Virtual Library

WordQ+SpeakQ is designed for those who struggle with writing and for those who just want to get their ideas on the page.


Install for free with your account.Click "Launch App". ThoughtQ helps you gather information for your essays and reports with less effort and in less time, while gaining greater knowledge.

Reflex Math

Reflex helps students of all ability levels to develop fluency with their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Typing Club

Learn how to properly use your keyboard and improve your typing skills with this free online tool.


Students can listen to books for modeled fluency, read books for practice, and then record themselves reading so teachers can monitor progress. Every leveled eBook has an accompanying quiz to test reading comprehension.

Xtra Math

XtraMath helps students with basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It builds on what the student knows, and drills students on areas they need more help with.
Open Dyslexic

Chrome Web Store - Apps with SWLSB

Using your Sir Wilfrid Laurier Google account, you can access some free apps available in the Chrome Web store. Remember you need to be loged into your account. Under the search bar, select "For" to be sure you are getting the correct apps. Some of these apps include; WordQ (English & French), ThinkQ, and Pense.

You can download this font for free, for home use. Unlike other fonts where letters look similar, Dyslexie's letters have more shape variations, which removes a lot of confusion from reading.